We monitor AI in production

Gain insights from your AI running in production and ensure it keeps on delivering value

NannyML Performance Dashboard
How we are different

We focus on what matters most

The fastest growing organizations today are digital: their products are online and their business processes are automated, all powered by Artificial Intelligence. But what happens if these algorithms start making wrong decisions? How would you know? And when? NannyML solves this problem by monitoring AI, ensuring that it continues adding business value.​

  • Secure AI generated business value
  • Extract business insights

How we deliver results

Track changes in model input and predictions

We help you understand why your data is changing and how your AI models’ decisions are impacted. We detect data drift, concept drift and estimate possible model degradation.

Measure the performance of your AI models in production

Have a clear view on how well your deployed AI models are performing. Prevent model decay and make sure your models are working optimally.

Receive alerts and recommended corrective actions

We automatically let you know when your AI models are failing, why and what you can do about it.

Understand the behaviour of your AI models

Get a deep and intuitive understanding in how your AI models make decisions and those change over time. Leverage the power of our explainable AI engine and better understand your business and processes.

Ready to unlock the true value of your AI?